Hands on Heart Pet Reiki with Sarah Janzen

Animals give us everything. All of their unconditional love, emotions, loyalty and 100% of their energy. Just like people, an animal’s healthy energy can become depleted or blocked. This can result from emotional unbalance, trauma, illness or a variety of life stressors.

As animals cannot communicate their energetic needs, imbalances present as emotional, physical and behavioral issues.

Reiki, a Japanese system of healing with energy, balances animals’ energetic needs, allowing a deep healing to take place. Emotional issues are reduced, physical pain decreased and behavioral issues are easier to be resolved. Animals that are energetically balanced are happy, feel safer, have more focus and are better connected with their families.

Reiki addresses:

    • Anxiety
    • Behavioral issues such as excessive barking or fearful reactions
    • Arthritis or joint pain
    • Recovery from injury or surgery
    • Grief
    • Relationships between animals and their people
    • Relieves issues from past traumas
    • And much more…

Sarah Janzen, of Hands on Heart Reiki, is a Reiki Master and Dog trainer specializing in Animal healing. She is the resident Reiki practitioner at Fairy Tails Dog Daycare in Burnaby and is the on-going Reiki Practitioner at The AAC National Dog Agility Competitions. She is honored to work with your pets and is constantly awed by the amazing relationship between Reiki and animals.