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I highly recommend doing a reading or several with Sarah!!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10161611985985464"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2295817637107189","name":"Pam Thind-Knibbs","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2295817637107189&height=120&width=120&ext=1555689945&hash=AeTqNAH7p_A2n1xo","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-07-22T00:36:13+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Sarah worked on our rescue - special needs pug today and after one session I was surprised how relaxed he was . He suffered abuse at the hands of humans and has severe anxiety . \nI think we found an angel today who can truly help our boy with his issues . We will continue with his therapy !","open_graph_story":{"id":"10156686409237384"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2764021920275406","name":"Brandi Euell","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2764021920275406&height=120&width=120&ext=1555689945&hash=AeTPUX1sqim8Nu8Q","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-04-09T19:48:49+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Sarah has been helping me with my new puppy. He has anxiety, and abandonment issues. Even after the first session he seemed calmer and she gave me some great advice for between sessions.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10160222608370483"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2039036792842264","name":"Lea Morrison","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2039036792842264&height=120&width=120&ext=1555689945&hash=AeSwmv6EulC4aS_3","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-03-27T20:36:00+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Sarah's natural ability with my pup was inspiring. She made him feel so comfortable and her work allowed him to heal a lot quicker than expected. Her love of animals is evident in the way she approaches them & I look forward to having her work with him again. Highly recommend her!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10155194366801960"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2239239169461507","name":"Charmaine Betcher","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2239239169461507&height=120&width=120&ext=1555689945&hash=AeS7lQSvB7TNSxh9","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-03-24T03:47:41+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"They say that a great reiki master uses their hands and unique healing abilities to instinctively hone in on the areas of the body that need healing. Nothing could be closer to the truth with Sarah. On our first visit Sarah instantly picked up on Rainier's need for kidney flushing which was bang on as I knew he was battling environmental allergies. Since that first visit we have seen Sarah regularly for ongoing maintenance and I'm constantly amazed at her picking up on the same areas as I can identify but not heal. After each session Rainier comes home and goes into a very deep \"healing\" sleep within an hour. This is a sure sign that the Reiki session has assisted his body and set him up to be rejuvenated. I highly recommend Sarah for not just ailments but also for overall health-she is truly gifted.","open_graph_story":{"id":"1841984262501379"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2025874934154784","name":"Suzie Tikulin King","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2025874934154784&height=120&width=120&ext=1555689945&hash=AeTsgBSX0wUHnUVa","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-11-26T19:36:30+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"10155779762692604"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2165252720188036","name":"Debbie Burnett","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2165252720188036&height=120&width=120&ext=1555689945&hash=AeQCFcbX3DdksS70","width":120}}},"created_time":"2016-11-28T17:52:39+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I had a treatment and it was nothing like I have ever experienced from traditional Physio . It's worth trying out \nI felt so refreshed and energized !!","open_graph_story":{"id":"174814832983111"}}]}
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Hands on Heart Reiki
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Hermia Lee
Hermia Lee
02:22 04 Mar 19
We are so happy to find pet reiki for our dog Buzz. Sarah has a special gift with animals. Buzz suffers from hip stiffness and anxiety. Buzz was very anxious at our initial visit, panting and pacing. Sarah is extremely patient and calm, she used distance healing initially. Her gentle approach allowed time for Buzz to get use to the energy work. After a few visits, we noticed that Buzz is calmer, he is more energetic after each session. We have also noticed that before the sessions, Buzz hip and abdominal regions are more swollen and after the session, these regions are slimmer. This is our sign that Buzz needs help. Thank you Sarah for sharing your gift with us.
Vicki Starfire
Vicki Starfire
04:04 10 Aug 18
Sarah has a natural talent to help pets , especially ones that are ailing or stressed. She helped my dog, Samantha so that she started sleeping through the nights without waking me up. Thanks, Sarah!
Scott Garrett
Scott Garrett
16:33 05 Jun 18
Gator sure enjoys her Reiki sessions
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